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Better Than Project Outsourcing or Freelancing. Work With
Qualified People Dedicated To You.

BuildMyTeam provides you with dedicated resources that work as true extensions of your teams. From developers to virtual assistants, we identify the best people available in the market and hire them for your teams. Our strength is finding qualified candidates that match your exact requirements and team culture. We deliver this with our
extended or digital engagement models.

Your staff only work for you. We guarantee they never work for any other clients or projects.

BuildMyTeam ensures all intellectual property is owned and fully controlled solely by you.

We work with you to find the most qualified people in the market for your requirements.

We put you in the driver's seat to select, manage, and develop your resources into strategic assets.

Do More Across Your Core Functions

Product Development
R&D Innovation
Supply Chain Management
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Customer Service
Information Technology
Finance & Accounting
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A Proven System To Build, Support, And Scale Productive Teams

We cover the full employee lifecycle to ensure teams are productive for clients as they are
setup, managed and scaled.

We work to attract, recruit, screen, and onboard candidates who are interested in working for your brand.

We take care of all HR, compliance, and employee development, as well as being your "eyes and ears" on the ground.

Your resources work out of Talent Anywhere's Client Centers, each a fully-managed admin, IT supported operational environment.

Work from Anywhere via using secured premises using geo-location tagging and inactivity notifications.

Future of Work is Here

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You're In Good Company.

Hundreds of companies and thousands of employees have succeeded with BuildMyTeam's approach.