BuildMyTeam Attends Startup India Rocks 2016 at SAP Labs in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, India - November 18 - 19, 2016

BuildMyTeam returned to Startup India Rocks this year as a participant and sponsor. The even was hosted at SAP Labs Campus in Bengaluru, India's leading startup and technology hub.

Cross Border Angels, the event organizers, established a theme for 2016 that focused on showcasing the depth of India's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Like last year's conference in Goa, India, a mix of Indian and international investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs attended the event. In total, 175 startups, 60 investors, and 50 corporates attended the event.

In keeping with this year's focus on India, the Cross Border Angels team undertook a 20 city tour in major hubs like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune, but also emerging locations like Cochin, Visakhapatnam, and Vadodara.

Over 1,000 applications were processed across these cities to the filter which startups would present across the 2 day event. Startups hailed from a wide range of industries, including traditional technology categories, but also manufacturing, apparel, food, and consumer spaces.

This year's winners:

Oswald Foundation

Kaushal Chokshi
Cross Border Angels

"Startups exist to solve the most pressing problems that are not being addressed in a society, and India is a large, rapidly growing economy with a range of unique but complex challenges." - Kaushal Chokshi, President Cross Border Angels.

Dilipkumar Khandelwal
Managing Director
SAP Labs India

This year's keynote speaker, Dilipkumar Khandelwal, MD of SAP Labs India, highlighted the unique opportunities driven by a convergence of 3 forces in India: 1) technology oriented policy 2) wide adoption of mobile devices to 400 million users and growing 3) cloud-based application and product development.

Sessions ranged from best practices across the fundraising process by the Finnish Business Angels Network's Vesa Perala, to scaling the startup by Microsoft's Narendra Bhandari.

BuildMyTeam hosted a session of the opportunity startups and corporates have in building a competitive technology workforce in India.

"Each country offers unique advantages to companies in terms of skills, cost, cultural fit of talent. India is unique because it offers both high end STEM talent, but also incredible volumes." - Sridhar Vangala, VP BuildMyTeam.

In BuildMyTeam's session India was highlighted as an effective location for both high-end core teams, but also for building a competitive technology workforce at scale. This makes India a powerful place across the startup lifecycle, from early-stage to high-growth companies.

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Tobias Stone, EyeFocus and the Curree Capital, UK

Mandar Gadkari, Director India, Cross Border Angels

Mahesh Prabhu, VP & Head of Innovation ITC Infotech, India

Balram Nair, Vice President, The Chennai Angels

Ashwin Sanzgiri, Vice-President, Scaale Group

Damodar Baliga, Global Manager Scaale Exit

Rohit Mathur, CEO, Exponentia Datalabs

Chaitanya Kumar, Industry Arc

Aditya Atluri, Evolv3D

Anand Chowdhary, CEO, Oswald Foundation

Bineet Desai, Co-Founder & CFO,

Sukhada Tendulkar & Mandar Desai, Shirsa Labs

Chandrasekhar K, Founder & CEO Forus Health Pvt. Ltd, India

Kashyap Reddy & Keerti Singh, Hitwicket

Raj Mohan, CEO, Stat Labs

Vibha Sidaya, Director, Sidaya Associates Ltd, UK

Mr. Chedarampet Karthikeyan Global Ventures & BD Dow Chemicals, India

Mr. Andrew Oury Partner at Oury Clark London, United Kingdom

Mr. Shabir Momin MD & CTO at Singapore

Mr. Kaushal Chokshi Founder & President Scaale Group, USA

Mr. Vesa Perala Member, FIBAN Finland

Mr. Arul Murugan Palanichamy, Founder of Snack Experts

Mr. Ankur Rohatgi Technology for Social Develpment Sir Ratan Tata Trust, India

Mr. Urmas Peiker Co-Founder at Funderbeam, Estonia

Ms. Annie Mathew Director, Audience Marketing at Microsoft, India

Mr. Narendra Bhandari GM, DX : Developer experiences at Microsoft, India

Mr. Dilipkumar Khandelwal Managing Director SAP Labs, India

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