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Talent Anywhere Announces BuildMyTeam For Its Growing 'Extended Team' Solution

BuildMyTeam Will Continue Expanding 'Extended Team' Support Capabilities To More Industries and Locations.

San Francisco, CA & Mumbai, India - January 8, 2018

Talent Anywhere announced today the creation of BuildMyTeam, a new brand and division to host its growing 'extended team' business. Through BuildMyTeam, Talent Anywhere will continue expanding its solution to additional industries and locations.

The extended team model was launched by Talent Anywhere in 2006 with a focus on providing dedicated technology resources to North American and European companies in cost-effective locations with abundant talent.

A key differentiator was a focus on building new teams for each client as opposed to the standard practice of allocating staff from an existing bench:

"We felt for an extended or dedicated sourcing model to succeed, the incentives have to be aligned. When the provider is maintaining a bench, they reserve their top performers for larger clients, and weaker staff for smaller clients. They also limited the skills and experience they can provide. By committing to building new teams, we removed that issue and focused on the hidden and additional benefits." - Sridhar Vangala, VP Talent Anywhere.

The first delivery center was based in Vadodara, India, an emerging tier-3 city with a diverse talent pool and history of multinational businesses. Its reputation of safety, stability, and being economical also made it a great location for attracting and retaining talent.

"Our approach was to build a team that matched the client's requirements and culture, which meant developing a strong hiring function. We could attract the best talent from Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai to Vadodara for unique career opportunities and better quality of life. Our clients have retained their teams for over 7 years in Vadodara." - Sridhar Vangala, VP Talent Anywhere.

In 2007, a second delivery center was opened in Pune, India, providing greater access to STEM skill sets from a larger, more mature IT hub. Clients leveraged the extended team model for strategies beyond typical, back-office work.

"Clients used extended teams for core software development they would hesitate to implement through conventional project or services outsourcing. But we also saw adoption for data analytics, customer service, legal processing, game development, the list goes on. Clients continually challenged us to provide them with progressively niche, scarce, and diverse talent." - Sridhar Vangala, VP Talent Anywhere.

To date, the solution has provided over 4,000 resources to North American and European clients, with teams with as few as 5 members and up to 200 member operations. The average team duration is 6 years with 85% staff retention year-on-year, outliers in the industry.

"The business has succeeded because our clients have succeeded, most clients scale up once they realize the benefits of the model. We've expanded our client base largely through referrals." - Kaushal Chokshi, Chairman Talent Anywhere.

With its new brand, BuildMyTeam, the division will be expanding its focus in key, in-demand technology platforms like the Salesforce ecosystem.

"We're focusing on strategies that require closer integration with clients that are ideal for extended teams, like R&D, iterative design, customer service (as opposed to call centers), inside sales (as opposed to telemarketing)." - Jyothivas Nair, VP Global Solutions, Talent Anywhere.

For 2018, BuildMyTeam plans on growing its Bengaluru and Mumbai delivery centers, along with launching a new delivery center in Ahmedabad.

Parent company, Talent Anywhere will continue its focus on providing turnkey, strategic solutions for international expansion.

"Our goal at Talent Anywhere is to help companies with growth and expansion strategies, whether accessing a new market or developing global operations." - Kaushal Chokshi, Chairman Talent Anywhere.

About BuildMyTeam

BuildMyTeam is a provider of dedicated, cost-effective human capital resources. We deliver extended teams for companies in skill-rich, cost-effective locations to help them accomplish more. Our success is powered by building teams from the ground up for clients rather than allocating shared resources.

BuildMyTeam is a division of Talent Anywhere, headquartered in Pune, India.

About Talent Anywhere

Talent Anywhere implements turnkey projects to help companies develop international strategies. We are the most proven partner for establishing and growing new operations in emerging locations. Since 2006 we have ensured our clients' international success across 200+ projects through our unique 'Organization Management Model'.

Talent Anywhere is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and Mumbai, India.