Post Covid 19 - Will Most Jobs Become Location Agnostic!

Date: 18th June 2020

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Our first edition of the Webinar saw us talking on the topic whether jobs post the Covid 19 era be location agnostic. We were accompanied by our esteemed panelists.

Joolz Lewis

Shashikant Shimpi

Sophia Grant

Kaushal Chokshi

The launch of the future of work is here series was conducted which is curated for CXOs, decision makers and various stakeholders who are responsible for the growth and development of their teams.

The first episode of the webinar we intend to touch base on critical factors on as a company how we can discuss point which we should consider while bringing business back on track taking into consideration factors like technology, skill sets, finance, people, mental health and cyber security. Aim is to make this a great networking platform where more than four decades of our experience and community expertise in networking can be fused to create solutions for greater success.

Some key points of the first webinar are summarised below -

Joolz shares with us her thought, employees during this phase have to undertake a great shift in thought process where in traditionally everyone would fit work around their personal life and with the recent events everyone has to rethink by fitting their personal lives around work. This is a considerable change in the imminent thought process for workers and businesses.

The business which have shown strong levels of trust and make difficult decisions around supporting employees working from home are the ones who have come out as resilient ones.

Purpose plays an important role, companies who are able to outline and share the purpose of their work are able to hold everyone to together and ensure they have a sense of mission. This culture takes teams to high individual level of resilience, empathy, flexibility where before this just ending up coming to work was a core criteria. It is not a one size fit all situation and its essential to adapt and adjust all possible combinations to eventually find success.

The impact of social distancing in terms of how we are supposed to work vs how we are currently going to work. If we reduce to just a checklist, we are reducing ourselves to just units of production it is critical to understand how we calculate productivity. We need to ensure the culture is more rational rather than transactional and firms which can do that best are the ones who are finding success in these times. The times need more involvement from each individual and a highly personalised approach as work now is closely infused with an individuals personal life.

Shashikant sees a clear silver lining which if considered can surely achieve some good results. This situation has made us think of the future as digital isn’t easy and we need to have communications aligned as per the new requirements. There was situations in pre-covid times when some tasks required presence in office like training, onboarding, hiring etc while in past few months all of these instances have been done remotely or digitally. We have invariably started working for the digital and remote way of working which is how we can bring forward the future.

We have also initiated quite a few surveys, and programs for boosting employee health and engagement scores which are small initiatives which each organisation should undertake to boost the employee engagement. There is a definite work like balance which can be achieved by putting some greater thought into the digital way of working.

Some challenges which Shashikant mentioned are infrastructure related restrictions of working from home vs from office where there is a standard infrastructure availability. Also there is a need for realignment of more means for better alignment of the employees who have never had a personal interaction to build on the mutual understanding and trust which employees who had met in person would have. These are aspects which can be worked and companies are putting their thoughts on how to achieve greater success on these avenues.

There are 3 Cs which constitute the core points which each company should focus on which are Change, Collaboration and Communication.

Sophia shared her insights on creating a model of skills which should be created which takes into consideration adaptability, initiates and creativity as parameters. We have to separate skills that have a longer shelf life vs shorter shelf life essentially developing meta skills which have a longer shelf life. We also have to outline how do we develop these skills for the future who are the workers of the future and what kind of work would they do in the future. There quite close affects of the pandemic with some verticals in which working from home is just not a possibility and there are verticals in which we need to contemplate more diversified approaches of getting skills like internships and apprenticeship.

Kaushal quoted that every crisis creates an opportunity everything is happening now due to which it defines the future of working. There are 10 primary reasons why jobs in the future will be location agnostic.

  • Increase in Urbanization

  • Broadband penetration

  • Access to Mobile Devices

  • Knowledge worker economy

  • Freelancer Population

  • Evolution of artificial intelligence

  • Beam me up Scoty, spread of the digital way of living

  • Greater support for female in workforce

  • Realignment of education

  • Timing it perfectly

There are 3 wishlist or burning issues that all of us should consider moving forward.

  1. If we work from anywhere, will it address biases towards race and community? because if we are going to focus on meritrocity biases will be overcome if what we need to see.

  2. The start of the multi national or a micro business economy, this shifts the power from large corporates to any company and will address the shift in equality.

  3. Climate change, though there have been multiple claims of positive impact of location agnostic working style towards climatic change this is yet to be studied.

The recent crisis and the immediate changes which it enabled has surely let many organisations put not heir thinking hats. There are great opportunities and enablers which can be used for the location agnostic working pattern. There are also multiple traditional teams which need to add in that extra effort to being in that change or realignment.

We would say "With every crisis there is an opportunity" is a take away we can consider as a takeaway from the webinar.

With this we share our next webinar Reopening UK - A solution for workers and companies in the COVID-19 era which is planned for 9th July 2020.