EdTech - Improving Lives Through Learning

Worldwide, the combined education and training industries account for
spending of more than $4 trillion, representing a huge 84 percent
increase since 2000

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A Differentiated Approach

Our platform is a high-quality training and learning platform which enables striking the perfect balance between technology, learning and change using most modern technology stack. Our aim is to make quality learning accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life. Our platform gives learners access to a fun learning environment that aims at building confidence and giving people the opportunity to not only grow in their careers, but their personal lives as well. We believe in providing personable learning experiences that will ultimately result in growth, development and positivity.

We partner with companies to develop customized, end-toend, managed solutions designed to transform your learning needs and build revolutionary solutions as per your needs.

We take a unique approach towards our platform by delivering as per need, our solution is better aligned with job market and learner profiles for getting the best aligned solution delivered.

From skills pre-assessments and custom onboarding, to tailored course offerings and hands on exercises, We manage the end to end learner experience with intelligence and analytics infused fromstart.

Transforming EdTech

Our platform is created after multiple years of deep research and experimentation in the field of digital Teaching & Learning. We use intelligence and analytics to personalise teaching and learning for each learner and is designed to make the learning extremely engaging and result oriented. We are able to deliver solutions which are closer to learners needs by consistently evolving the learning experience by conitoujs learning and understanding usage patterns.

Make a difference in learning!

Adaptive Delivery
Deliver customised learning experience based on the student's learning pace with revolutionary intelligence and analytics provided.

Deep teaching experience
Use industry partnerships and expert subject matter experts to provide focused content and learning experience for learners to ensure an extremely effective learning experience.

Deep Learning Insights
Personalise learning journey for each learner by capturing deep learning patterns of each individual student. We use in depth assessment means to determine learning paths.

Comprehensive and Insightful Reporting
See value in a continuous feedback for teacher and students, so teachers can adjust teaching patterns while students can change learning behavior.

Measurable engagement levels
Extensive data is converted into actionable insights through algorithms and custom built models which measures the engagement level of each student at different points in the class and predicts learning outcomes.

Perscriptive learning paths
Use powerful insights to make personalised learning paths for each student. Our platform also enables personalised academic interventions.

Feedback & Reviews
Ongoing feedbacks and reviews help is determining the impact on learners and progression for a 360 degree experience.

Dashboard & Progress Reports
Our interactive dashboard allows learners, teachers and administrators to manage onboarding, track progress, usage patterns, rich media authoring and more.

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