A person who is not presently looking for a job opportunity and is not actively looking for any change in employment are known as passive candidates. A passive candidate is someone a manager is considering for a particular role, but the candidate is not actively seeking employment somewhere else.  Still due to various reasons their experience, skills & qualification makes their career portfolio attractive to the organization. They are often those who are in demand with competitive skill and experience in the same. It is quite difficult to hire such desirable candidates especially if they are happy and well-compensated in their current organization.

Sourcing a passive candidate is not the only solution to fill a position in an organization. The talent acquisition team needs to understand when to source for a passive candidate and when not for a respective position. Some positions are filled speedily and successfully with candidates who are actively looking for employment. Only particular industries require certain specific skills that are hard to source. Here, sourcing a passive candidate with the suitable and desired experience and skills is the only option left for filling the vacancy.

How to find passive candidates?

Existing Database –

If recruitment is performed in your organization for several years, it is very obvious that you have your own database of applicants that were approached in the past. Root it out and discover the ones who are suitable for the position and approach them again. Rejected candidates from the past could be the best candidates in the future. Candidates who were rejected back then can be considered again as they could have found other opportunities and gained advanced skills and experience during their employment. See what they’re up to.

Tool & Services –

The advantage of sourcing passive candidates from tools & services is that you see possibilities in the domain where they’re active and engaged. Keeping a personalized communication with the passive candidates while reaching out to them is better as it makes your work easier to dig out more information of the respective candidate. Tools like People Search work in line up with online communities, where you can get a complete profile including resume, email address & social networks. You can get in touch with them on the same.

Social Media –

Social media plays a big role in modern recruitment these days. Most of the recruiter’s sources for passive candidates through social media as many of us are likely to be active on various social media platforms. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any professional network sites are best platforms to reach the passive candidates. But just using social media is not enough to connect with the passive candidates as communicating with them on a personalized level and keeping them engaged is essential.