Glassdoor is a platform where employees can write about their views and experiences about their companies which can be read and referred to by other employees. They can share and read interview questions, find new job opportunities, and research salaries. It is very important to acknowledge all the comments shared by the employees, be it good, bad or ugly. Whether you agree or not, it’s valuable feedback and impacts how you’re seen as a place to work. Therefore it is advisable to manage your Glassdoor page in order to maintain and understand your employer brand, and if it’s left unmanaged, can give the impression you don’t care about what your employees have to say.

Can We Trust Glassdoor Reviews Blindly?

It’s true that the reliability of reviews on Glassdoor or any other site has changed over the years. Just as any other site with reviews, Glassdoor reviews can no longer be trusted. People often talk about how companies are paying to remove negative reviews, how the HR department can spam Glassdoor by singing its own praises, but we miss the fact that even employees put up fake reviews out of their personal experience and grudges against former employers. If an employee leaves a company with a good note he will not take the effort of going into the website and write something good about the company. Whereas if someone leaves a place that was a nightmare to work at, he will not forget to spill the beans to warn people away. These employees are disgruntled employees who are unable to reliably assess their own contributions to problematic situations.

But the sad thing is candidates have actually started considering Glassdoor as the primary resource of information of any company. They blindly trust these reviews and turn down excellent job opportunities by reading a few negative reviews without realizing that these reviews might be the outcome of somebody’s bad experience which may not be due to company’s fault.  

Here the point is not to show that all Glassdoor reviews are 100% inaccurate or fake. The point of this post is to make you understand that one should think twice before making a decision that affects their career solely from the reviews that anonymous people write online. Below points can throw some light of the same context;

No importance given to verify the employee authenticity

Glassdoor does not have a verification system which can actually verify if the employee actually worked in that particular company or not. In short anyone can post on Glassdoor – for any company. Anyone can create an account without anything but an email address.

Posting Multiple Reviews

As per the guidelines each individual should submit only one review, per employer, per year. Unfortunately there is no system that can stop someone from creating multiple Glassdoor accounts with multiple emails to post as many as positive or negative reviews.

Over exaggeration

People who write the reviews can either be very happy or very upset with the company. In both the cases you will see extreme ratings. People tend to drop strong comments for publicity. Such an impulsive act without a thought leads to spreading the wrong message. 

Reviews Impacting on Entire Company Culture

Sometimes an individual writes negative comments about his/her experience like – coworkers playing corporate politics, manager being biased or about his department which is not handled properly because of few unskilled managers. But his comment will show a wrong image about the entire company culture which is not true.

The Bottom Line

There are many other ways to research about companies like culture and work life balance. Candidates can even confront the company HR with their doubts during their interview. Candidates can look at company websites and can even look for news articles written about companies from unbiased news sources.  Another good idea is to reach out to employees who currently work at a company personally through LinkedIn, especially if there is a shared contact.