What is the difference between RPA (Robotics) and AI? Is Robotics a part of AI? What is the difference between these two terms? 

The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence contains many technologies and terms. Robotics and artificial intelligence are really two different things. Similarly, they serve very different purposes too. However, humans often get them mixed up. That naturally leads to confusion and assumptions. A lot of people wonder if robotics is a subset of artificial intelligence or if they are the same thing. AI and Robotics are mentioned together so often that some non-technical folks  might think they’re one and the same. They’re related but not exactly the same in terms.In fact, there’s some disagreement on the basic relationship between the two. Well, let’s get this straight in plain terms. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The concept of artificial intelligence has been around for decades. The word “artificial” means “not natural; manmade,” and “intelligence” means the ability to think or understand. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a limb of computer science. It involves creating an easy way to get work done by machines which otherwise would require human intelligence. It is a process of developing computer programs to perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence to execute.  AI algorithms can tackle learning, perception, problem-solving, language-understanding and/or logical reasoning. The goal of AI is to train technology to do things that humans can presently do better.

What is RPA? 

Robotics are programmable machines which are used to carry out a series of actions independently, or not completely independent. Robotics involves manipulating objects in the real world. It is an advanced form of business process automation that is able to grasp and record activities performed by a human on their computer, then perform these same activities without human involvement. Essentially, it is a virtual robot copycat.The role of RPA is to automate the same activities or tasks that were previously performed by humans. Only a small part of it involves artificial intelligence.

What are AI Robots?

Artificially intelligent robots are the mixture of AI and Robotics. These Robots are managed and controlled by AI computer programs. There are many robots but not all of them are artificially intelligent. For example industrial robots are programmed to  just carry out a repetitive series of activities or tasks. These repetitive tasks or activities do not require artificial intelligence.

Non-intelligent robots are quite limited in their serviceability. AI algorithms are often necessary to allow the robot to perform more complex tasks. Self-driving cars and Sophia (AI Robot) are some examples of artificially intelligent robots.

A major research area involving robots and AI is in medical technologies. Robots in the future could perform surgery without intervention from a human doctor. As with autonomous vehicles, robotic surgeons could perform delicate operations for longer than human doctors can, without getting tired or making mistakes.