Whether you’re expanding your business or just facing a challenging project, it’s important to scale with care. There are many factors that you can add or change in your strategy which can impact your business positively or negatively but there is one that is often overlooked: employees. The one you choose to work with can be the factor that pushes you closer toward your goals.

Finding and hiring the right talent is an ongoing challenge. We’re all looking for that professional unicorn that combines skills, experience and personality. Unfortunately, having the best of all three is hard to find. When assessing candidates, you’ve likely run up against a dilemma: Do you need experience or a potential talent? Which should you hire for, and why? 

Past performance doesn’t guarantee future success. David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom summed it up nicely: “Contrary to the popular myth, new hires have intentions of… becoming part of something bigger than themselves, and producing great work. They intend to come into an organization and make a noticeable difference. They intend to be awesome.”

The big secret is that you should hire for potential, not for experience. Potential is generally defined as the capacity to develop into something great based on unrealized ability. Benefits of hiring those new to the game include:

Fresh Ideas & Innovative

New pros are hungry to innovate and aren’t afraid to take a risk. With less prior experience and likely no mortgage or children to take care of, new professionals have a lot less on the line. They are sponges ready to soak up knowledge and are much more apt to go for things that more experienced pros would hesitate with. This can bring a lot of value and reward to companies.

Dynamic and Enthusiastic

Fresh candidates work with zeal of enthusiasm. They are confident and positive thinkers. They are independent irrespective of the post and qualification. With the presence of fresh candidates comes a radiation of positive energy as well. They pursue their objectives in an active manner. They welcome new challenges and love to live upon them. They presume themselves to be competent and responsible towards the work culture.

Office Politics

Inevitable and annoying, office politics are not fun to deal with. Freshers are naive to office politics so the chances of them creating negativity in the workplace is low. They aint tainted by any rumors, they are unlikely to be a part of any gossip group within the office, and they offer a non-judgmental perspective of everyone in the team. 

Cost Effective to the Company

Fresh candidates expect less salary and less benefits in comparison to experienced ones. They are willing to give a start and then learn and earn. Apart from the salary aspect, they work on the cost minimization aspects of the company as well. Plus, the fresh candidates do not require any retirement benefits 25-30 years down the line. So, in a way the cost to the company is saved and thus utilized in some other productive areas. Giving a candidate with less experience a chance to prove him or herself will drive employee loyalty, and the shorter career history means it won’t be as full of inherited bad habits. Also, there is a greater supply of potential versus experience, which reduces costs and allows you to bring in more of the talent you need to support accelerated growth.