During interviews, you get a chance to meet all manner of different personalities. It’s one of the best aspects of the hiring industry, giving you the opportunity to meet a range of people from different backgrounds. One of the biggest benefits of this is that you learn how to adapt and deal with a variety of job seekers.

Employers, like most people, tend to trust their intuitions and some go with the interview results to hire an employee. And to be very frank, there’sno right or wrong way to run an interview. Experts have been arguing that job interviews are worthless. Many employers choose the wrong person simply because they favor a personable candidate over a qualified one.

When faced with a less-than-perfect interviewee, you may be tempted to write them off. But that’s not the right way to hire. Instead, try a different approach to get the most out of their interview. Here are few types of candidates you’ll meet at the interview desk and how to optimize your approach.

The Braggart

Job hunters know that resumes and cover letters are often the first impression an employer has of them. In the effort to make the best impression possible, they sometimes emboss their accomplishments. They take personal credit for every success they’ve ever had. Forget luck, timing, hard work, or the contributions of their teammates.

The Needy Candidate

Acting desperate has never been an attractive quality of a job seeker. For job seekers — especially new graduates, who haven’t yet got a position, will be very emotional which may lead them to act as needy, overeager individuals. It is that behavior that will keep them from getting a job.

The under prepared candidate

They show up late. Doesn’t have their CV with them.  Comes in too-casual clothing, and clearly, company. These are the signs of an underprepared candidate. If their attire and generic answers don’t tip you off, their blank stare to most of your questions will. You can clearly see a tag of “I don’t know” on their face.

The over-confident candidate

Over-confident candidate is almost the complete opposite to the unprepared candidate. The over-confident one will stroll into your meeting room convinced they already have the job. Candidate wants you to believe that they’re the perfect fit, so they praise about themselves, brag about the strengths. Not the worst of the lot, but you can do better than bringing someone on who already thinks they’re the best.

The clingy candidate

Soon after you finish taking an interview you already have a thank you email waiting in your inbox. You will actually wonder how they have managed to jump onto their emails and fire this over. The clingy candidate has arrived, and it doesn’t stop there. Clingy candidates are one of candidate with high maintenance you’ll meet in the recruitment life cycle. But, they only mean well. In truth, they are very excited and nervous about this job.

The perfect candidate

The perfect candidate for a job is – The Person Who Gets The Job! He/she was good enough to be offered the job. When you look at their CV you will find everything that you were excepting from a candidate, they have all the relevant experience, and they have a huge interest in your company. It’s very important that you don’t let the perfect candidate slip out of your hands. If they are perfect for you, chances are that’s probably the case for someone else as well. Try your best to keep him engaged and ensure that you can make the decision at the soonest possible moment.

Being a recruiter is unlike any other industry. You’ll meet all types of candidates throughout your time, the best and the worst. While at times you may feel tough, slogging through a huge trail of over-confident, picky candidates, rude candidates keep your head held high. Who knows, the perfect candidate may be in your next interview.