This is the first day of the year, and everyone is busy making their New Year resolution. Some of them make a resolution to improve themselves; some of them make the resolution to quit a bad habit, and some of them are busy making new year resolutions for their business. Here are a few New Year’s workplace resolutions that you can have as an employee!

Lots of changes in store in 2019 for employers if employees carry out their New Year’s resolutions! Sixty-two percent of American workers’ New Year’s resolutions include making a work-related change, according to Spherion Staffing’s WorkSphere survey

Self-Recognition – While employees crave appreciation and approval from their supervisors, they tend to forget one more important thing. More than anyone else’s approval, as humans, we all crave our own approval too. You cannot appreciate someone else’s good work when you can’t acknowledge your good work! So make a resolution this year to give yourself a pat on the back when you have accomplished something. This boosts your confidence and makes you feel accomplished giving you more positivity to do more at work. So, don’t forget to add that extra star to your self-appreciation form!

Come Out Of Your Professional Comfort Zone – One of the most initial steps to success is stepping out of your comfort zone. We all reach that point in our careers where we want to hold on to the safe zone; it is important to know when to stop that and start taking smaller risks.

Constantly challenging yourself helps you build confidence and helps you communicate your point across easily. So this year, make a resolution to step out of your comfort zone and start focusing more on what you can do to improve yourself and your career.

Eating Right at the Workplace – While it is important to make resolutions for your professional development, it is also important to focus on your wellness at work. It is important to develop healthy eating habits at work because on average, we all spend more than 65% of our day at the workplace. The eating patterns that we develop during this larger portion of the day, affect the way we function for the rest of the day.

This might have a direct effect on your workplace productivity. So, this new year, make a resolution to eat healthier at workplace and join your workplace wellness program.

Set Your Team Goals- Setting goals are one of the most important things for success. They keep you on the course during rough times. When you set team goals, you tend to understand more about your team.

Setting team goals is an opportunity for you to engage with your team and bring out those new ideas. When you set a team goal, you are setting a goal for your team members to achieve a larger goal collectively. This promotes teamwork and employee engagement.

Always Look to Learn Something New – We all have a list of things that we want to learn to improve ourselves but sometimes we aren’t just motivated enough to give it a start. This year, make a resolution to learn something new, it can be a skill related to your job or anything that can help you stay focused and motivated at work.

There are many free e-books online that you can utilize to learn this new skill. You can always invest in a good book!

Find a Passion and Pursue it – Everyone needs a passion that is not related to work, career, success, goals and plans etc. You can volunteer a cause, learn a musical instrument or take some time out for your hobbies from college.

Sometimes, it is important to find a passion beyond your job and career. This is a small little favor that you will be doing for yourself this New Year. This will help your brain relax after those long stressful work hours.

Work Life Balance – Workplace balance is one of the most underrated issues that employees face day to day. Though you actually enjoy your work, sometimes, it is hard to maintain that balance between work and personal life.

This New Year makes a resolution to establish boundaries between work time and your personal time. Define what your priorities are and how many hours a week you can give it. It can be really hard to find balance in the beginning, but with practice you can eventually learn to draw the line between work time and personal time.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Long Lasting Relationship With Your Company in the New Year.