Business strategies are not the only factor to lead a successful business. There are various attributes which lead to a successful business, exceptional leadership is one of them. A successful leader is essential as they are the one that makes all the other things work together. A business that has all the assets which are needed to operate a business but lacks a good leader will not be able to retain its positioning in the market. A failure leadership can cost you your business. A leaderless company is an army without general, a school without teacher and a family without parents. A person who is a successful leader has the right futuristic vision to ensure that all his/her ideas successfully get turned into real success stories with time. 

What are such leadership qualities?

Self-Confidence – 

Self-Confidence is always a leader’s best friend. If a leader is not confident about himself/herself then who will? Self-confidence is an essential quality required in a leader. It is one of the qualities that an organization requires in an employee that will manage and will lead teams to success.  “As a leader one of the things that’s most important is to know your team needs to see you as confident.” – Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors coach

Responsibility –

Leaders pass the credit and take the blame. They don’t point fingers and play the blame game when things go wrong instead a successful leader takes the responsibility for their teams actions and the consequences. By being willing to take the ownership and responsibility, you prove that you’re worthy of trust and respect. 

Transparency – 

Transparency begins with communicating and sharing. When a leader offers and receives information mutual trust increases. As you are more transparent, trust grows and the strength of the relationship grows, too. Transparent leaders permits their reportee to give them feedback and also reverts as soon as possible with a solution for the same. Such leaders will make changes as soon as they realize the need for it and not hide the change. They make sure they thank their team members for their valuable feedback.


Integrity is the key criteria in determining success by top executives. Integrity is one of the top qualities an organization requires in a good leader. Leaders with integrity walk the talk. They are consistent, honest, moral and trustworthy. Their deeds match their words. Leaders without integrity are not trusted by their employees, their bosses or the public and automatically that will lead to problems in an organization. According to the Whole Hearted Leaders article the definition of integrity is  “Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.” 


When a list of qualities a good leader should have is asked to everyone, qualities like vision, confidence, innovative and agile are likely to come to mind. Humility is often overlooked quality an organization fails to notice. Leaders who are humble can attract better people, they have more influence, they are more confident too. Such leaders gain respect and loyalty from their team members.