The H-1B visa issues have created trouble for Indians aspiring to work in the US. Indian techies have started looking for alternative options to find suitable employment. Since the US entry has become difficult, many of them are looking at Europe as a dreamland for their tech career.

Indian skilled workers are known for their IT talent across the world. As the Trump administration is setting clamps down on work visas, Indian techies are exploring opportunities in Europe. The head of the EU parliamentary delegation, David McAllister said, “Europe is open for allowing more Indian professionals who are in high demand. Indian people are highly skilled. Our IT sector would not have been successful if we did not have skilled professionals from India.”

The IT opportunities in Europe have been booming since Brexit. Companies are open for hiring Indian talent for the relevant roles. Employers in the UK, on the other hand, are wary of hiring foreign talent. Following Brexit, the EU has opened doors for foreign workers and students.

India and Europe have a strong connect, on which companies can capitalise on. Both India and Europe have strengths in areas such as smart cities, renewable energy, IT, ITeS, and tech startups. Both the territories are also working on the promotion of bilateral tourism.

A few days back, the EU parliamentary delegation pushed for negotiations for the EU-India Broadbased Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA). The delegation urges Indian leaders to resume the talk and enable two-way trade. This would be a great push for the Indian IT industry.

European Union already accounts for over 30% of India’s IT export. There is a scope to increase it further as Indian companies move up the value chain. The country is already struggling with the H-1B visas. The Trump administration has cracked down on H-1B visa holders, the majority of which are Indian IT professionals. The new opportunities unlocked in the European Union will make it a dream destination of Indian tech workers.

Source: TechGig