What does it mean if something is niche?

The word niche is often used as an adjective means having exclusive appeal. According to the Collins Dictionary “A niche in the market is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products.” Similarly, the term “Niche role” or “Niche skill” is used in recruitment. A good example of a niche role would be that of a HR professional having technical hands on experience from a particular industry or a Soil scientist or a Plant breeder/geneticist. It refers to a person having a strong experience in a very specific field. 

Most hiring professionals feel that recruiting for a niche role is very difficult, hard to find, boring. Infact hiring for a niche role is fun as it is an opportunity for the hiring team. Rather than looking at it as a challenging task consider it as an opportunity. 

Few are some effective recruiting strategies used for niche positions.

Effective Hiring Strategies for Niche Role:

Specified job description –

It’s the recruiters duty of recruiting for a niche position in a company. Recruiters should make sure that they are very particular or can say as specific about the job description. It’s essential to make the stats clear as to the qualification needed and what all skills as well as experience is required in a candidate for the respective role. Give a brief about the position to the point, the niche candidates are looking for a job matching their skills and qualification. Mention the relevant technical terms or a language in the job description, if the candidates don’t get it, they’re probably not right for the position.

Know your applicant – 

Hiring for a niche position means that applicants will frequently share attributes. Are they more technical minded or more creative? Knowing information about the applicant for the respective niche role will allow you to tailor the outlets you use to publicise your vacancy. A recruiter can even get an idea, where to find the right talent, both online and offline. 

Use social media –

While working on niche skills, social media is an advantage for a recruiter. Social media is a great platform for a recruiter to find the right talent and to connect with the job seekers. With 66 percent of online adults on one or more social networks. Social media also allows the recruiter to connect directly with both active and passive job seekers. You can find the niche candidates by engaging with them through shared passions, ideals or networks, something you can’t do with the other recruitment methods. Candidates interested in your niche will most likely be following a lot of the same companies and people. They’ll also be reading a lot of the same blogs and attending the same events. 

The advantages of working in a niche role is that it’s more of a controlled group of specialized candidates, so you find high quality candidates with the skills and education that you need. This saves you a ton of time.