A major outcome of COVID-19, has been the forced acceptance of companies to enable their employee’s to work from home, simply because they had no option but to maintain productivity and continuity. In return, the onus is now on the Smart Employee who when handled well is showing that the situation has a great positive impact and in some cases very surprising returns.

The Positive Side to Working from Home: Key Facts & Figures

Recent surveys found that 99% of remote workers report that remote working has had at least 1 positive impact on their life.(Source Zen Business Survey 2020)

Improved mental health
The survey found that 60% of respondents felt that their mental health had improved by being out of the office.

Improved diet
Two in five survey respondents said they have improved their diet as a result of working remotely.

More active lifestyle
44% of remote workers say they exercise more regularly than when they worked in an office.

More quality time with family
Over 50% of survey respondents reported having the opportunity to spend more time with their family. 

Improved productivity
Even though many of those working from home have watched Netflix here and there or taken a nap during business hours, the majority of them report being more productive at home than the office. 

The Positive Effects of Remote Working

  • As uncertainty continues to prevail, the average employee who is work focused begins to find the balance to deliver their job and the result is quite refreshing, as the flexibility and freedom which is there from working from home is an advantage not available when working from the office.

  • These enable the employee’s to better schedule their day and ends up putting more quality time into their hands. No time wasted during long commutes daily – means the waking schedules of each one is now better, better break times for breakfast, lunch, workouts, experiment more at home etc.

  • Priorities one’s most productive hours – could be a boon for the early morning workers or the late night bloomers. Either ways, this flexibility has armed the employee with making the best of their creativity.

What Next – Where does the Road Pan Out !

As reports emerge from various geographies of the world on the length of the lockdown, one thing is certain, the world has changed and it is very unlikely normality is going to return in a hurry. Opening up of economies may not translate into instant back to full strength working. Government restrictions of travel, social distancing policies, sanitisation requirements and many more factors would mean reduced working and organisations have to respond by re-designing how work is ensured and how many work from home and from office.

In these situations, the Work from home has one startling realisation, that the work week now has no limits and boundaries and the acceptance of it as a future way of working by the smarter ones, makes them the most valuable and sought after assets. The onus is on the employee to start believing this reality and create their own routines and methodologies to succeed. Deliver the best from where-ever they are.

The employee with self-discipline and will to succeed and be a committed team member will become the most valued. The time has come where one cannot hide behind a crowd and just put in the hours. Technology has given each employee a great opportunity to be visible and be in a position to be rewarded well. May the best sail through. For the others, they should be forthright and work with digital experts to assist them in becoming a good team member and retain their roles and also grow in their career.