Finding the best talent in the market has never been as tough as it is today. You recruit not only to succeed as a business, but also to excel compared to your competitors. Recruitment is thus, one amongst the most important things that a company does. Generation X are retiring left, right and center, Generation Y are freelancing away, and Generation Z has just started to enter the liveware. Overtime there have generally been two different types of hiring/recruitment methods. One is the traditional hiring method, while the other is the modern hiring method. 

Let us have a look at a few traditional and modern methods of hiring  before getting into their benefits.

Traditional Hiring Methods:

  • Newspaper Advertisements

Newspapers have been the ultimate platform for reaching out to millions of job seekers and applicants across the country. Putting print ads in newspapers with good circulation is the simplest form of recruitment and yet the most effective method of all as well.

  • Local Employment Office Postings

Postings vacancies at local employment offices is an effective way and they usually operate a wide networked database, training programmes for candidates, financial support hiring programmes for further assistance.

  • Temporary Employment Agencies

One of the most used recruitment methods is through temporary employment agencies that can shortlist potential candidates for your company and find you experienced professionals in your field easily. This arrangement can provide a client company with needed help during peak demand periods, staffing shortages, or the vacations of regular employees, without requiring the time, expense, and long-term commitment of hiring a new employee.

  • Gate Hiring 

It is an important source of hiring, especially the unskilled workers or badli workers who are paid on a daily-wage basis. Here, the company puts up a notice on a notice board or on the factory gate regarding the jobs available, such that the applicant sees it and apply for the job directly. It is also called Direct Recruitment.

  • Internal Hiring

Another way of recruitment which has been extremely successful over the years has been the internal hiring program, through which the company often promotes employees who are already part of the organization into the positions for which they are hiring. It is a time tested method and one of the easiest methods to hire the right person for the job.  This is one of the safest methods of recruitment, since you know all about the employee and the level of work you are getting from them. 

Modern Hiring Methods:

  • Tapping Smartphones

Smart Phones have made it easy to connect with the world and the young generation is glued to it. Any page can be accessed through it. Organizers use this and interact with the candidates by providing info about their companies online, optimizing company’s portal and even using sms for communications.

  • Tap in Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are used more than any other medium nowadays. People use it for everything ranging from news to updating their job requirements. Organizations and recruiters use this medium to engage with their prospective candidates, employees, and even with trade patrons, in a few cases.

  • Event Recruitment

This concept has been pioneered by CISCO. Sponsoring events and building brand value is a relatively useful concept. Companies sponsor events which are related to their ethic value, value which they wish to represent through their association. It helps them gain popularity and their message goes across a wide net of people. Common minded people gather at such places and such events are a great way to recruit suitable employees.