Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Negotiate Your Salary:

  • You’ll end up looking greedy

Once the company releases the offer to you and if you counter offer on the same, they might think that you are a money minded person. Chances of you getting into their company will descend as the employers of the company would not like to work with someone who disagreed to accept the offer and tried to negotiate for more.

  • The organization might withdraw the offer

Getting a job is a big deal. There are a number of people who are still unemployed and searching for jobs in the market. After attending a number of interviews, if the job search is finally over and an offer is made by a company to you while you negotiate on the same for more. The employers will get offended and might withdraw the offer then and there itself.

  • Experience is important

Gaining experience is more important than money. Nowadays, people run behind money and forget that experience is what adds value to their resume. People should understand better experience is worth more than money. According to an article in Medium by Clement Jean “What is better for people is to have the experience more than the money because you can spend the money but you will always keep the experience.”

Reasons Why You Should Negotiate Your Salary:

  • Because you know your worth

When we look at our role models, they are confident, competent people who know what they bring to the table and their worth. It is very important for a person to value themselves, which is when others will value you. If you negotiate your salary it shows the employers that you are confident and capable enough for the position. Hence, salary should meet your expectations. As the old saying goes, no one will know your worth unless you do.

  • To increase your income

When you negotiate your salary before accepting the job offer shows that you want to increase your amount of income you earn at that job and also in the future. Negotiating your salary gets a lot more income not just for now but also for your future. Not getting into salary negotiation especially at the beginning of your career can haunt you for life. Not negotiating will cost you more as it affects your growth in income. Your future salary figure depends on your current salary

  • Growth

If you neglect to negotiate your salary then you’ll probably fail to grow. Salary negotiating provides advantages for you beyond more money. It helps you to be confident and teaches how to tackle a difficult situation or conversations at the workplace, while being polite, humble and professional.