All successful businesses understand how important productivity is in a work environment as time and money is invested on the same. Productivity can help the company in utilizing the capacity of their available workforce. Evolution of technology has led new ways of doing things which can save you time and money. Cloud email hosting is an excellent example of how businesses of all sizes can benefit from the latest technology. Having a business mail service became a necessity for a company, entrepreneurs can’t afford to do business with free mail, professionalism is a must as it shows the seriousness towards business activities, clients and partners. When clients notice an email utilizing a free and general address, such as ‘’, they suppose one thing: unprofessional. Numerous businesses utilize professional email addresses as it strengthens their organization with each email they transmit across the server. 

What is Email Hosting?

Email hosting is a service, which coordinates a network of email servers. For a commerce-focused website, it is desirable to have a professional email service for end users to make the most out of the features offered on the website. Email hosting offers customers an email address to interact with their team, various partners, and potential customers. There are four basic benefits of making the switch to cloud-based email for business.

Crafting a brand image

Using a hosted email service helps convey professionalism, and builds brand trust. Hosted email enables users to leverage specialized IDs and branding so that the company’s name is prominently featured. This goes beyond a simple signature, and can assure customers that they are working with a well-established brand.

Anytime anywhere access

Cloud-base email hosting gives you access to your messages via any connected device. As long as you have internet access and a connected device, you can take care of business. Many business email providers allow you to access your data from any device anytime anywhere. Productivity levels increase, particularly for remote workers. The hosted email service is easily accessible with the proper credentials, ensuring workers can operate from their home office or the road while keeping data secure.

Cost reduction

An in-house email server might seem like a cost-effective way to get the services you need, but when you take a step back, you’ll realize just how expensive it can be. It’s cost effective to have your email hosted by mail providers; for small and bigger businesses, it’ll save you time and manpower consumed.

Storage space

Many email hosting plans will already have a massive storage space per mailbox. Depending on the amount of storage space you paid for, you can get a mailbox with megabyte or gigabyte storage capacity. Even with an MB storage, it’s more than enough to store thousands or more of your email messages. Make sure that you get a flexible email hosting solution if you need to upgrade for more space.

Up-to-date security

One thing you don’t need in your organization, having a data sniffer or a hacker mess around your data which can definitely cost you your business. Email hosting service providers have qualified teams that will protect all your web hosting servers ensuring that its integrity and security are not compromised. 

Easier disaster recovery

Cloud hosting provides disaster recovery features as data is automatically backed up in inter -connected server (cloud being a multi-server setup). Traditional hosting does not offer disaster recovery as there is only one single server where you can host your data and applications.  You need to arrange for backup of your data yourself.