What has Covid-19 done to the Individual Worker? Disrupted one’s lifestyle from being a diligent worker ready for every day’s grind of Getting Ready, Traveling to Work, Focusing on Job at Hand, Preparing to excel, attend meetings, calls and the list goes on and on. In such a scenario WFH came as a boon to workers at every level, from the entry level to the CXO’s. All suddenly on the same flat plane, all WFH using one platform or the other struggling to establish the new normal of working and for a change being uniformly civil with all.

This leads to the new thought! Have you missed your Work Place?

With the above situations and factors, one cannot be blamed for not wishing to be again in the same environment. As per new norms, workplaces will have to be decongested to accommodate 30%-40% of the staff. Add to it the looming threat of a recession, and not many companies will invest in bigger office spaces. Work from home will continue even after the lockdown ends and landlords need to prepare for what will unfold in the near future. New Safety Standards will have to be adhered to when you step out of your fortress – your home into the unknown and in such situations; everyone is taking a step back and reflecting – What Next? This holds true for all the stakeholders, you as the Worker, the Landlord, The Operator, The Transporter, The Manager, The Caterer, The Administrator. All have their own roles to play for you as well as themselves.

In this evolving new normal, it is highly likely that investment into bigger office spaces will become an unlikely scenario and not many companies will opt for large office plates and a hybrid combination of 30% staff working at one office and the rest distributed. The Future of Workplace could be that you only meet for meetings which are scheduled and fixed. Will this lead to a more productive world? From Logic it should be Yes, but from practicality and with the human psychology involved, the answer could be “ Lets Wait and Watch”.

2020 is going to a be Watershed moment in the History of Workplaces –From a Street Vendor to the most highly qualified Techie, everyone today is at ease with WFH, Digital, Video Call, Screen Sharing, Screen Grab, etc…. In Such times, it is obvious the Workspace becomes a least preferred choice to be accessed, but is it going away for every, definitely not, but dims in one’s working Wish list. The Workplace is not dead yet, but it is not up there as the first fixed item in one’s organization. The earlier we make peace with this reality, it will enable us to move forward and work in the new normal.