Technological development made talent search an easy way thus top talent can be found virtually anywhere. The trick is to just identify and tap into a feasible stream and select the candidate that best fits the role and company as well. But once you establish a creative pipeline to draw from, the probability of hiring is infinite. 

To sum up, here’s how startup companies can successfully identify and reach the untouched pool of candidates:

  1. Skills and qualifications are to be taken under consideration for the job role you are hiring for i.e (flexibility, organization, etc).Then expand the candidate search to other jobs with same skills and qualities. 
  2. Brainstorm with hiring teams or founders on how and where they found their right talent pipeline. 
  3. Build a remote team for creating better opportunities for hiring people from various locations.

When it comes to hiring, identifying and finding the right candidate can make or break an organisation. Not only can a new hire affect the culture of company and productivity of team–he or she can also impact the bottom line. It is essential that startups get hiring right from the get-go. But with endless to-do lists and a tight budget, nailing down top talent can feel like an impossible task for founders. That doesn’t mean that the right qualitative profile with successful hiring is out of reach, though. After all, there are thousands of founders/owners who’ve successfully hired the qualified people for their teams.

Unconventional Hiring Strategies

1. Creating Job ads for the right candidates 

For the hiring companies it is essential to create creative and catchy job ads it can be a game changer. Attention is paid more towards creative job ads than classic job ads and the chances of the job ads getting shared rises across social media because of the emotions they cause. Looking at these job postings, candidates think that the interview will be very interesting and enjoyable. Creative job ads also build your employer brand, making your companies cooler places to work for.

2. Formula of Mass Audition in Hiring

In Mass Audition strategy,  invite candidates at your office or at a common area, which has some operation setting in place. You will need an open and big work space for bringing in a setting that mimics the company’s operation. Give applicants a task which they have to work on in the same workspace area. .And on the other side, ask the existing employees to observe and take notes on each candidate. After the completion of the task, discuss with your hiring  team what they have actually observed. Decide which applicants  are the best fits for the role and as well as the company.. Have an open discussion on observable skills like collaboration, problem solving, confidence, and teamwork. Bring up the candidates one by one and keep the process of shortlisting on.

3. Date with the Applicants 

Of course, not literally! Ask the candidate to spend a little amount of time with two or more hiring team members and coworkers. And the hiring manager can ask the applicant to perform a task. How the candidates perform, behaves when asked to bounce from one short interview or task to another can give you the advantage of gathering a greater number of opinions from the people who will be most involved with the hire.

4. Attend Events and Meetups

Forget Job fairs and try looking great talent at other events that aren’t traditionally recruiting-related.  It also gives you a chance to informally meet lots of different types of designers and developers that will give you a better idea of what you are looking for regardless of a CV. Search forums such as Meetup for group events that are likely to be attended by people qualified for your open position. For example, if you need a Developer in New York City, you could attend a Software developer-focused meetup in the area and look for potential candidates. You’ll already know they’re passionate about what they do, and you’ll be able to get a feel for what they’re like in person.