When you talk about the growth of any company, then most of us talk about the  numbers that the company produces, but we forget the most important factor behind those numbers and that is the company’s employees. Its the hard work of every single employee does in order to achieve those numbers. Hence we can say that hiring is one of the most important and critical aspects.  Finding new talent in the market is very difficult and Hiring teams across the country have tried different methods of recruitment in order to find the best possible resource for their organizations. Recruiting new employees who will work towards the growth of the organization and take it forward is easier said than done. There is so much happening in the recruitment itself. Lots of new and innovative practices are being used nowadays by the industry.  Being the most important aspect of business, recruitment is always on the priority list of any of the organization. In order to recruit more efficiently Hr managers try to come up with new recruitment strategies that can minimize the time involved in the searching, interviewing, hiring and training. There are various new trends are being noticed which are in practice such as:


Outsourcing companies build up their human asset pool by utilizing individuals for them and make accessible work force to different companies as per their needs. As result, the outsourcing firms or the intermediaries charge the organizations their services cost.The outsourcing companies help the association by the underlying screening of the candidates as indicated by the requirement of the association company and making an appropriate pool of ability for the last choice by the association.


Employee poaching is a practice that involves companies hiring employees from their competitors.  Employee poaching oftentimes occurs in high-growth industries that rely on employees with specialized skills. Poaching implies utilizing a experienced employee officially working with another company in the same or distinctive industry; the association may be a competitor in the market. Also known as employee raiding, employee poaching is the practice of recruiting skillful employees from rival companies. It comes as a challenging task for HR managers to face and tackle poaching by other companies.

Online Recruitment

Online recruitment also called E-Recruitment is a smart use of technology to hire potential candidates for the vacant job positions, using the electronic resources. Many organizations use the Internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.e. CV through e mail. Either  job seekers place their CV or resumes over the internet , job portal , apply through company webpage, which can be drawn by employees as per their requirement. Online recruiting involves less human intervention, reaches to a large pool of audience, stores data electronically and provides selection tools electronically. This reduces the cost of hiring, as well as the cost of employees required to maintain the hiring and selection process.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With AI on the rise, recruiters have leveraged technology to make their jobs easier, faster, and better. Today, the dominant theme in HR technology is AI for recruiting. Companies have started to consider investing more in technologies that ease the hiring process. AI can reduce time spent reviewing CVs, sharing job posts, sorting through responses and applications and on other applicant-tracking processes; it can also make their openings more accessible to the public. According to Forbes, AI has the power to “assess everything from innate empathy and politeness to attention to detail and cultural fit,” thanks to its natural language processing (NLP) and machine-learning algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Mostly your job posts get tossed in the bag as there is more garbage on the internet than there is gold. With the help of SEO you can increase the visibility of your job posts. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most important is making sure your website is mobile-optimized.

Many job seekers opt to apply from their mobile devices. In fact, according to Indeed, 78 percent of millennials, 73 percent of Gen Xers and 57.2 percent of baby boomers have used mobile job search as of 2016. If your application process isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you miss out on quality candidates simply because you failed to adapt.

Different way to vet the CV

Recruiters have started screening bulk amounts of CVs with the help of artificial intelligence. This is among the most recent trends in recruitment and selection. Recently, the job descriptions and CV’s will be tallied by using AI to ensure that no irrelevant candidates are screened accidentally. As AI techniques have minimal failure rate in most instances, this will make candidate screening quickly and more efficiently.