Work From Home – (WFH) the oft heard word by any IT company for the last 10 years was treated with a certain degree of skepticism always weighed in by the philosophy of it being a sop for certain staff who were invaluable in the organisation, star performers or persons doing non-core activities, but needed to make up certain headcounts in the system for being billed accordingly. WFH measurable were far and few and the person availing it would generally come into work periodically and cover it up.

COVID-19 has in one stroke changed the way this term will be addressed. A Change Irrevocable.

From where you can work will be the new norm. Are we ready for it? In haste, everyone will say – YES, but the answer is actually NO for over 95% of such users.

Suitable Environments, conducive conditions, stable broadband, Firewalls, data security, IP Protection, Privacy, are all factors which now come into play and are easier said than available for the average workforce. Especially with the majority of IT Workers now concentrated in Asia’s vast English Speaking Regions, with its demographic challenges it is simply unprepared for this latest challenge.

So what is the Road Ahead! Well, the answer is that while it is definitely doable, the situation calls out for State of the Art Organisations who are specialised in Offshore Working at Multi-locations who manage small teams for their clients without IP infringement to take the solution further and digitize the process into the new Age Term “Digital Workforce Management”. – The Journey from Physically Managing your Staff to Digitally Managing Them.

Talent Anywhere – a pioneer for over 15 years now in the field of Offshore and near shore Solutions for Tech Companies from the UK and US with experience of managing over 10000 of its staff for various IT projects in this period is ideally placed to jump start this transition and give the over stressed companies of UK, a much needed shot in the arm for ensuring that they come out of this crisis relatively less scathed.

To prepare for the future, organisation should embrace the changing nature of the workforce, provide better services to customers, get ahead of the competition, need to change the way that their employees work, and that starts with a digital workplace. Structuring a fluid workforce who can work in and outside the office with the advances in digital connectivity.