Trust is the foundation of success in an organization. In order to cultivate a healthy, thriving culture in a company, one of the major elements is trust. Trust within an organization is necessary. Still how many employees can say without a doubt that they trust their managers and the organization they work for?

A manager has to build the trust within their employees as they work with them. Trust forms the basis of all relationships and interactions. Every interaction between the manager and the employees is an opportunity to build relationships and trust among them. Successful companies are built on relationships. Relationships between employers and employees. The base of all relationships is trust. It is just as important in professional relationships as it is in personal ones.

The challenge with trust is that you cannot buy it or force employees to believe that you’re trustworthy. Your action speaks everything. 

An organization that is able to create a strong relationship and trust between the managers and employees in the workplace sense to achieve their goals and targets due to mutual understanding. An article in Repsly written by Victoria Vessella says “Employees will never work to their full potential if they don’t feel trusted by management. A lack of trusting relationships hurts employee morale, which in turn lowers productivity. A sound hiring process will ensure that your organization has employed the right people who are capable of making a positive impact on your bottom line.”

Strategies for managers to build trust with employees:

Make the team’s interests a priority – 

Managers should be an outstanding advocate for their respective team. When the members in the team make any mistake, the manager should help them to resolve it and see what they learn from it. Mistakes from their team members should be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow. It’s essential for a manager to present their team in a positive way and be proud of their achievements.

Know your team personally –

Encourage your teammates to view their colleagues as people. It’s one of the ways to build trust among your team. Create a friendly environment that helps them to share personal stories. Start by sharing some personal information about yourself regarding your family, hobby, music, movies or any experience.  Form a strong bond by socializing after work or at lunch. This helps you to get to know your team very well as you work with them.

Give credit to the team member – 

When managers take credit for their team’s hard work and own it as if it’s done by him/her creates lack of trust among the team. This should be avoided in a company. Managers should make sure they appreciate and acknowledge their teams contribution and hard work as it helps to build rapport with the employees.

Stop making negative assumptions –

Managers should avoid making negative assumptions about their employees and stop micromanaging things at a low level, where not needed. Creating unnecessary rules and regulations and also the same with the policies which will cause the employees to lose their interest and passion towards their work. Managers should show positivity which creates a good environment in the workplace that helps the employees to trust the company.

Be honest –

Always be transparent. Honesty is one of the key elements to the theory of integrity. In an organization when an act of integrity is shown by an employee, the bar of honesty rises as the employee tends to speak the truth. The way an employer expects honesty and integrity by employees, is the same what the employees expect in return.  It is important for a manager to share the organization’s goals and vision with their team members so that they can work evenly to achieve the same.