The way businesses and clients connect and communicate is ever-changing. A client portal is software that allows for secure interaction between specific parties. It is a protected website where you can share and exchange sensitive information with your clients. You can make available to them all your invoices, quotes and other important documents so you don’t have to send them via email or discuss them over the phone. Clients can have access to the client portal by logging in with a username/password set and browse through every document you want them to see. Users can share credit status, invoices, available rebates, product and order information, calendars, etc.They offer a lot of features and functionality that they didn’t have in the beginning, and if your business isn’t already using a client portal, you really should reconsider.

The adoption of client portals have become standard operational features for many businesses working with multiple businesses or clients for key reasons: 

Convenient for Clients

Having a secure portal is extremely convenient for your clients. Because everything is stored on the cloud, the portal can be accessed anywhere at any time. Clients can access their info whenever they like, knowing they can do it 24/7. This also frees up your customer service department because it gives clients more freedom to navigate their info when they want.

Secure Data

Client portals, especially cloud-based ones, use the latest security software available to ensure your financial data is completely safe. What’s more, you choose who has access to your company portal and, in some cases, you get to choose the levels of access different users can have. Sensitive financial information is now available to authorized persons only, something impossible when sending your invoices via email or post.

Client Engagement

Customer portals increase your interaction with your customers, which is a great indicator for a healthy business. It allows you to float your ideas and also receive feedback from your customers. As you acquire more customers, managing and sustaining your relationships becomes a larger task. An online customer portal enables you to manage customer relationships in a more scalable way, even as you get more customers. Secure portals allow for collaboration on projects, files, and much more. This means that your clients can do more with their work in a safe and secure way. You can also individualize your firm’s secure portal with white label personalization. Your client’s user experience can be branded with your company logo and colors. They can store, share, and message in total secrecy – knowing that their data is secure.

Increase Productivity

When the largest part of your day to day operations is taking care of itself through your customer service portal, you and your employees have the luxury to focus on important issues, like training on new technologies or expanding your sales.Important information such as contracts, proposals, quotes or project plans can be accessed via the client portal by both internal staff and external partners and customers, thereby providing a single source of truth. No longer will they get lost in the mail or in the sea of email traffic.