It has been more than six months since our world has changed through travel bans, quarantines, lockdowns, fire and smoke in California.  We went from super global traveling, nomadic startup founders twitting from every airport and lining up for new restaurants opening every month in San Francisco to working from home and the downtowns converting into ghost towns. Companies, Governments and individuals are waiting for this perfect storm to get over.

Parents are waiting for their kids to go back to school.  They are juggling with teaching kids at home and finding right corners in the house to do their zoom calls. Actors and sportsman are waiting to hear cheering crowds. Politicians are struggling to mask or unmask citizens through the lances of public health officials, stock market and political calculations.

While the world is adjusting to something new about everything we know, at Build My team, we have continued to deliver what we know best, is to assist companies to build their remote team and assist them to be most productive. For last 15 years we already lived in a digital world where physical office was a necessity. Technologies and business model for distributed workforce existed but the rate of adoption was slow.  Many a times, we felt that team members had to commute more than 2 hours to work on a computer in office. We always felt that commercial real estate investors were calling the shots at the expense of income of every employee.

For last fifteen plus years, we had the technology and new generation of employees who could work and deliver from anywhere. WebEx was established in 1995 and Zoom is in existence since last ten years. We had impressive broadband penetration for most of the world. We had enough level of cyber security for most the business which are not extremely data sensitive. We had few people adopting nomadic lifestyle for starting companies. It was clear that we did not need desk-based office infrastructure.  We were ready to operate remote

We always used video communication more than face to face meetings. Within our own organization we insisted working and collaborating through online apps even when the whole team is sitting in the same room. New team members were being hired with remote interviews. Time zone and cultural adjustments were being done to get best productivity.

We believe that Remote Working in a digital world provide us flexibility, better productivity and agility. It supports meritocracy which can include women and employees from remote locations who can have their local community support.  Remote working will also make any town an opportunity to attract talent by providing high bandwidth and become a smart town. It can align with right urban growth and address income inequality.

We are witnessing an urgency and realization of establishing new normal of working which is working through distributed workforce. When we say remote working, it does not mean Working from home. This pandemic happened at the speed of cloud bust and everyone has to swim in this flood. The new normal will allow us to a hybrid model of work from home, work from dedicated office in shared offices which can be in your building or subdivision. It will allow us to frequently meet at some kind of collaborative meeting place.

Joins us and let us work together to provide the best model of working for our team which can be sustainable, carbon neutral and supporting family and individual needs. Let us hire people where they live and can work from. Let us build the best team at best locations and build great companies. Let us change our mindset of “looking into eyes” or “over a glass of beer “to develop trust. Let us hire excellent people and trust them to deliver from anywhere. Let us use technologies not to react but to lead changing business world. Let us get local with global context.

– By Kaushal Chokshi

About Kaushal Chokshi

Locally anchored global citizen, convinced about rise of micro-multinationals, futurist, trans-humanist, believes insustainable development, social entrepreneur, travels around the world with purpose, loves San Francisco, culinary adventurous, Electric Engineer (done everything except electrical), amateur wine enthusiast, walk to work community supporter, new angel investor,enjoys dealing with issues in a sensory overloaded environment, manages international businesses for more than 25 years, serial entrepreneur, likes everything contemporary, has developed models for globally distributed talent, developing new model for micro-multinationals.