The Business Directory definition of a recruiter is: An individual who works to fill job openings in businesses or organizations. Recruiters will work from resumes or by actively soliciting individuals qualified for positions. A recruiter’s job includes reviewing candidate’s job experiences, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in agreeable employment positions. Recruiters typically receive a fee from the hiring employers.

Recruiters work for an organization who is in search of employees. The recruiter is committed to the employer and what’s best for the company because that’s how they get paid. A recruiter does more than just find people for jobs. They also help people prepare for interviews, assist with resumes, cover letters, manage salary negotiation, advise clients on employment issues, stay up to date with labour laws, as well as share market and industry knowledge. They seek out, screen, and interview candidates before presenting them to the client. Typically, the recruiter will source applicants, review their resumes and applications, and create a short list of the most qualified candidates for the hiring manager to review.

There are 10 Types of Recruiter, Which One Works for You?

  • Headhunter

Headhunters are people who are hired by an organization to hunt suitable candidates for a job position. The headhunter’s job is to ensure the candidate has the correct skill set for a position and they’re often hired to find prospects that possess a unique or hard-to-find skillset. Headhunters are independent contractors or employees of a recruiting agency. They are hired and paid by a company looking for niche skills and often work for several companies at a given time. It’s not uncommon for headhunters to specialize in a field, such as tech or marketing. This allows them to go through resumes to locate the right talent for a job quicker and more efficiently.

  • Executive Recruiter

Executive recruiters are the recruiting professionals who focus on filling executive positions within companies. They usually work on retained basis. Are also called Executive Hunters. Depending on the knowledge and experience of the individual recruiter, an executive recruiter can fill professional positions like doctors or lawyers, or they may be focused on filling high level management positions. Some executive headhunters only work within certain industries, or they may work for an executive recruiting firm.

  • IT Recruiter 

An information technology (IT) recruiter specializes in hiring individuals to fill information technology positions in a variety of industries. IT recruiters may work on attracting applicants passively, or may actively reach out to some prospective employees individually. The recruiter may fill either permanent positions or temporary, project-based jobs. 

  • Sales Recruiter 

A sales recruiter is a type of executive headhunter that focuses specifically on the recruitment of specialized sales leadership and management talent. The jobs filled range from entry-level to executive-level sales and marketing positions. They recruit Chief Sales Officers, General Managers, Sales Managers, and VPs for Sales & Marketing, as well as business development.

  • Military Recruiter

A military recruiter has the sole purpose of recruiting soldiers into the military. These individuals enlist with the Navy, Army, Marines or Air Force, and they work on and off military installations. The military has established a number of recruiting commands that serve to enlist individuals in specific military branches.