Initiatives : A Good Beginning That Lasts A Lifetime

It’s a tradition to start the New Year with New Resolutions which are based on the learnings from our past experiences. TA is no different. With the onset of 2020 TA has implemented different initiatives keeping in mind the Wellness, Productivity and People !!

Employee Engagement: Going Beyond Games

Publishing Weekly

Chai Point in your office — The way ahead

Virtual Engagement

People Connect

Digital Garage: ADP Partnership

Legal Counsel Onboarding

Exclusive Events

We celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries every year to mark the successful completion, it is an event of celebration. In TA the celebration applies for professional life too. As we consider it as an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture, and traditions and through which we also socialise. This platform acts as a medium to showcase the flashback of memories of all the TA offices in India.

71st Republic Day - 26th Jan' 2020

Valentine's Day - 14th Feb' 2020

Women's Day - 8th March 2020

Virtual Grand Tambola

Shilpa Desai
10 Years | Pune
Harsh Modha
5 Years | Baroda
Shrinivas Vijapure
5 Years | Pune
Dhruv Malhotra
5 Years | Pune

Jyothivas Nair
10 Years | Pune

It was a moment of truth, when I was notified on completion of 10 years with the Talent Anywhere. And had someone asked me back in May 2010 when I joined, where do I see myself few years down the line, I would have had the faintest of ideas that I would be writing this testimony of my 10 years experience. I surely had no clue of the opportunity which I agreed upon a decade ago will drive my career forward.


We Are Hiring

It’s time to add new talent to our family.

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Reopening Office

When Returning To Work

Jincy Mathew
Aishwarya Chacko
Mansi Badheka

Cherisha Jagtap
Atul Pansare