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It is predicted that by 2020 about 75% of professionals will be working remotely.
According to Forbes, "Attitudes in companies of all sizes toward freelancers are changing, as more hire
high-caliber external consultants and creatives to add to the brainpower of their teams."

Managing Distributed Workforce
for Last 20 years

At BMT, working in distributed teams is ingrained into our culture, but for many companies, becoming distributed is a significant shift.

We've set up a systems that enables a structured approach that makes the purpose and process clear for each employee and gives leads / managers the confidence that employees are productive. This approach facilitates remote collaboration with a set of unique, automated notifications and tasks for each role on the team to keep everyone on track.

Additionally, our partner ecosystem offers unique integrations with multiple partner solutions that enable distributed teams to be productive.

- What We Use -

Communication Technology Options

Geolocation based check in

Inactivity notification

Zero in person interaction required

Daily team stand ups

Hand-selected talent quality

- What We Do -

Established Daily Check Ins

Remote Social Engagement and Virtual events

Distributed Company Culture

Value added in-depth Insights

Customised workforce adaption and integration

Formalised work practises

- What You Get-

Global Workforce

Fully-Managed Solution

Customised and Transparent

Fully Dedicated and Compliant

Hire Quickly and 365 digital hiring

Continuous Availability

For Talent

Companies confirmed that there is a 159% increase in people who are working remotely from 2005 to 2017.
McKinsey estimates that the independent talent workforce will grow by 100 Million.

Our Benefits

  • Professional joining and Induction program for an in-house joining experience.

  • Telecommuting to improve quality of life, completely avoid any traffic jams and commute. Balance your work responsibilities with their personal life and family roles. Play your role for the environment, reducing congestion and air pollution.

  • Home office setup and coworking allowances. Working from a coffee shop? You can use your coworking allowance for the requisite latte!

  • We provide or reimburse hardware and software you'll need, as well as books or conferences that promote continued learning.

  • Other benefits are country-specific, and include health and accident insurance; matching retirement/pension contributions; childcare vouchers; travel insurance; and discount offers.

  • Elaborate rewards and recognition programs.

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