Extended teams excel for critical projects that demand greater control
over resources, workflow, and intellectual property.

Sync Your In-House And Outsourced Staff For A Unified Workforce.

Integrated teams deliver a wider range of strategies and benefits than conventional project or services outsourcing.

Work on products, services, tasks that are more complex or build on proprietary intellectual property.

Avoid the rigidity, starts, stops of project outsourcing. Implement ongoing, agile, evolutionary methodologies.

Strategies that involve integration across multiple in-house teams are easier with direct access and workflow control.

Operate a single workforce by expanding your existing teams with additional resources rather than 'in-house vs. vendors' silos.

Remote talent operate productively when integrated fully with the enterprise.

Extend your existing employee learning and development initiatives to your extended staff.

Why We Don't Allocate Shared Staff From A Bench.

We take the extended team model further: We build new teams for each client based on their unique requirements. More work for us, but better for clients.

We don't distribute resources across multiple clients, so you will never question whether you are the highest priority.

Accessing niche or emerging skills and technologies that are scarce and highly sought after.

Each company has its own culture. We design teams and hire people that sync with your mission and values.

Your staff are sold on your
brand when they are recruited, ensuring their loyalty and retention, while minimizing churn.

We work with you to understand your long-term vision to develop your extended teams as a center of excellence from launch.

Need Help Selecting The Right Outsourcing Strategy?

We've written a brief guide on different engagement models
to access more resources. Our aim is to help you identify and evaluate the right model for you.